2019 Schedule of Events

  • All events are at the Atlantic Sands Hotel and Conference Center in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.

  • All dance workshops feature instruction by Pádraig and Róisín Mc Eneany.

  • Ceilis and Saturday Session with the Band feature the Fling Ceili Band (Brendan Dolan, Bernadette Fee, Michael Fee, Linda Hickman, and John Nolan).

Friday, October 18th

Registration/Check in*                    3:00 - 6:00pm*

Ceili                                                    8:00pm - 12:00am        (in Events Pkg or $37 @ door)

*Participants arriving after 6pm may pick up their packets at the ceili                

Saturday, October 19th

Breakfast**                                       7:30am - 10:00am         (in Events Pkg)           

Workshop                                         9:30am - 12:00pm         (in Events Pkg or $37 @ door)

Workshop                                         1:30pm - 3:30pm            (in Events Pkg or $37 @ door)

Social Hr / Session w/the Band    4:00pm - 5:30pm         (in Events Pkg or $10 @ door)

Ceili                                                   8:00pm - 12:00am         (in Events Pkg or $37 @ door)

Sunday, October 20th

Breakfast**                                       7:30am - 10:00am        (in Events Pkg)    

Workshop                                        10:00am - 12:00pm       (in Events Pkg or $37 @ door)

**  Breakfast on Saturday & Sunday only included in the Events package