Ride Sharing Board

GWCC is presenting this information as a service to our registrants and assumes no responsibility for any individual transportation arrangements made based on the information presented.

If you are in need of a ride, or have room for riders in your car, please complete the form below and submit it to us. We will post your information  here after we receive it.

Listings will be removed once the dance weekend is over or upon your request.

If you make a successful connection or have no more room for riders, please email fallfling@gwcc-online.org so we can remove you from the list.

Willing to SHARE a ride:

To/From Location                  Name                                               Phone               Email


Need a ride:

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Ride Sharing Request Form

Please be sure to enter your telephone number and email address so an interested party will know how to contact you. Note: please DO NOT list your street address.

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example: how many seats available/needed