Dance Notes

Notes for workshop dances will be sent electronically to all who have purchased the Events Package in advance of the weekend; then posted here soon after our event. 


South Kerry Set (Saturday, 10/20 morning workshop)

Narrow Water Set (Saturday, 10/20 afternoon workshop)

Limerick Orange & Green Set (Saturday, 10/20 afternoon workshop start)

Doire Colmcille Set (Sunday, 10/21 morning workshop)


Seit Chamuis (Saturday, 10/21 morning workshop)

Termonfechin Lancers Set (Saturday, 10/21 afternoon workshop, updated 2/15/2018)

Derrada Set (Sunday, 10/22 morning workshop)


Carrowbeg Set (Saturday, 10/15 morning workshop)

Wessex Set (Saturday, 10/15 afternoon workshop)

Connemara Jig Set [Frères Nantais] (Sunday, 10/16 morning workshop)


Corballa Set (Saturday, 10/17 morning workshop)

Metal Bridge Lancers Set (Saturday, 10/17 afternoon workshop)

Moate Set (Sunday, 10/18 morning workshop)